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Crystallisation screens

The following screens are offered in our facility. They are readily pipetted into TTP iQ plates, which allows testing of up to three different conditions/proteins per plate.

You can of course bring or design your own screen. 

Typically the plates will be filled by our mosquito robot.

Commercial screens:

  1. PEG / Ion HT
  2. PACT Premier HT-96 
  3. Index HT
  4. Wizard I&II
  5. SaltRX HT (self-made)
  6. Crystal HT 
  7. JCSG+
  8. Stura Footprint I&II 
  9. MIDAS 
  10. Morpheus 
  11. Natrix (A1-D12) / Sigma for Complexes (E1-H12) 
  12. Proplex
  13. JBScreen PACT++
  14. XP-Screen
  15. Ligand Friendly Screen