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Prices for faculty services

Expert users

Expert users are normally PhD students working full time on crystallographic projects. They should have good knowledge on the basics of crystallography and shouldn't a lot of support. Users in this category are entitled to use our devices on their own, however, they are also expected to participate in the normal daily works in the facility. Groups working in collaboration with the AG Baumann usually also pay these prices.

Service Price
Crystallistation plates (include prefilled chemicals and mosquito usages) / per plate 25,- €
Simple Mosquito usage (for pieptting own 96 well plates) / per plate 10,- €


Full-service users

Full service users are interested in the protein structure of their pet protein, but neccesarily have the time or will to learn crystallography. The facility will (free of cost) discuss the feasibility and usefulness of the crystallisation project and will perform all steps necessary to (hopefully!) get crystals. This includes all the liquid handling, crystal manipulations and data analysis. The users only supply protein in high enough quantity (usually higher than 2mg) and best achievable purity. The facility cannot in any way guarantee crystallisation success and crystallisation plates will be billed regardless. Please note, that complicated projects or extensive intellectual contributions of the scientific staff might justify a co-authorship for the gained structures, regardless of the prices shown below.

Service Price
Crystallisation plates (include prefilled chemicals, labour time for setting up drops and 3x checking for crystals) / per plate 50,- €
Fine-screen of a single crystallisation hit (include set-up of reagent, pipetting and 3x checking for crystals) / per Fine-screen @48 conditions 50,- €
Expert advise (like pre-screening xtals on Rigaku or work time at beamlines) / 30 min interval 50,-€
From crystal to structure (permitting good diffraction data and suitable MR model) including measuring, solving and PDB deposition / crystal structure from 500,-€